E-TES 240

E-TES allows you to add the power of Directed Heat Drying to conventional
dehumidification based drying systems! Almost every water loss has trouble spots
that take longer than the expected three days to dry. Trouble spots like double
wall sheetrock, PVC wallpaper, plaster walls, hardwood floors, cabinets, sill
plates, crawl spaces, attics, etc.


Simply set up your dehumidifiers and air movers normally and then use E-TES
for the trouble spots. Not only will the most challenging areas be dry before
the rest of the job but the added heat from E-TES will accelerate evaporation so
dehumidifiers can remove more vapor!


Safety Switches Include:

  • Air Flow Switch
  • Dual Hi-Limit Temperature Switch
  • Safety Shutdown Temperature Switch
  • Ground Fault Circuit InterrupterWeight: 39 lbs.
    Height: 19 ⅞”
    Length: 24″
    Width: 20 ⅝”
    Watt Rating:
    240 – 6,200 watts
    120 – 4,000 watts